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Ceramic Wind Chimes
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Ceramic Wind Chimes & Garden Art

BUYER BEWARE...Recently, a bunch of chinese copycats stole my Dragonfly designed bells. If you're seeing my bells everywhere on Etsy, Facebook, Ebay and the web, they are not mine. In fact they are made of plastic. They can't even be bothered to take their own pictures and stole my photos as well.
I make all of my bells out of clay and handcraft each one. Once and for all...

I only sell on Etsy and this website.

EarthWind Bells creates handmade ceramic wind chimes and personalized memorial gifts that bring serenity to your everyday world! Celebrate a life well-lived with a personalized memorial wind chime for a loved one, friend, or pet. Hang garden wind chimes to bring a peaceful ambiance to your outdoor space or display them as yard art. Our unique wind chimes are perfect one-of-a-kind gifts for housewarmings, life's special moments, or as Fung Shui cures for the home or business.

Hello, I’m Bruce, the creator behind EarthWind Bells. My one-of-a-kind chimes are hand crafted using stained stoneware clay and emblazoned with intricate designs. A colorful hand-sculpted bird sits atop each bell that is accented with glass or ceramic beads. Wind sails of patina copper or premium etched wood dangle below capturing the breeze and eliciting enchanting tones.

For centuries, people have been drawn to the mystical allure of wind chimes and bells. Their beauty, movement and sound can transform your environment and sooth the soul. From tinkling bells to deep tones, the melodies of these other worldly instruments capture our attention. We stop, we breathe, we smile, we listen! Experience one of my handcrafted windbells today!

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